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"PAISANO" (pai·sa·no),

GEnerally describes a person from the same origin as oneself.  It originates from the Spanish lauguage, in which it means "Brother or countrymen." It is also the equivalent to "Homie" in the U.S. and often shortened to "Paisa" in slang terms.

From our family to yours, paisano's mexican grill & market brings our guests  the authentic Mexican culinary experience of enjoying traditional Mexican  cuisine. traditional Mexican food consists of a vast array of savory dishes with such robust flavors designed to awaken your pallet.


At Paisano's Grill, our menu offers a selection of both traditional mexican and Mexican-american flavors.  we use only the freshest ingredients and hand cut meats from our own market to bring you a virtuous dining experience. Everything that we serve comes from original family recipes passed down through generations. each dish that is served is sure to bestow the quality and freshness paisano's grill is well known for.


For those unfamiliar to mexican food, a helpful service staff will guide you through what is sure to be a habit-forming journey. We invite and welcome all of our "paisano's" to visit us for a quick bite on the run or to dine in, relax and enjoy both our grill and market.

About Us

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